If you have debts because of your partner’s actions, address these as soon as circumstances allow. Coming up with a plan to deal with debt will help take the pressure off your finances in the short-term, and in the longer term, protect or restore your credit rating, which is likely to be important to give you financial options in the future. Beware of companies that charge a fee to help you consolidate debts or ‘repair’ your credit. These services can be obtained for free through a financial counsellor.

National Debt Helpline Professional financial counsellors offer a free, independent and confidential service to people with debt problems. Mon - Fri 9.30am to 4.30pm. 1800 007 007
Way Forward Way Forward is a not for-profit-organisation helping people in financial difficulty. It provides free debt solutions that do not involve bankruptcy or Part IX Debt Agreements. 1300 045 502